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Your trusted supplier for:

  • Domestic Heating Oil
  • Agricultural Fuels
  • Gas Oil
  • Derv
  • Petrol
  • Propane Gas Cylinders
  • Paraffin
  • Barrelled Fuels
  • Industrial Lubricants


The new fragranced home heating oil for boiler efficiency…

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Ancillary Services include: Fuel Tanks, Heating Equipment, Lubricants, Energy Advice, ULSD card bunkering

Automatic top up services and Budget Accounts

What will it cost me? This will be based on your estimated annual consumption. Our prices are always competitive.

Storage Solutions 
SCF provide both new oil tanks and replacement tanks with a wide range of models to chose from - click here to find out more.

Using the latest technology you can also choose remote monitoring of tank contents.

Why oil for heating?

Up to 100,000 new and replacement domestic oil-fired boilers are now being installed annually in the UK, and the number of oil users is growing.

Systems Advice

If you need help or assistance regarding the choice of a heating system, or are considering a boiler change, (i.e. from solid fuel to oil) then please do contact us for a free technical advisory visit.

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LPG Propane Cylinders

Will I be better off with Southern Counties propane cylinders?

Almost certainly yes. Our Direct Gas cylinders are filled with propane purchased direct from the refinery. By dealing direct with Southern Counties, you by-pass the additional costs of purchasing from a stockist, dealer or distributor.

We could save you as much as 25 per cent on your current LPG cylinder propane costs. By committing your supplies to Southern Counties we will commit to holding our prices (excluding VAT) at the same rate for up to twelve months.

Will it cost me anything to change?

If you already use propane cylinders, Southern Counties will not charge you for the installation of the cylinders. You will need to ensure your current supplier removes cylinders not the property of Southern Counties. If you are converting to propane cylinders, a small installation charge will be made.

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