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  • This low sulphur fuel is the most common domestic home heating oil in the UK, used by the vast majority of oil-fired central heating systems. It is also worth knowing that Kerosene may be referred to as 28-Second heating oil, Burning Oil, Domestic Oil, Standard Kero, Kerosene 28, and C2 Kero. Suitable for use in all types of domestic pressure jet boilers and most range cookers such as those by AGA and Rayburn, it is normally yellow in colour and an absolute necessity for homes without a gas supply.

Premium Kerosene

  • When you want a cleaner burning Kerosene, we recommend using our Premium Kerosene, which uses advanced additives to create a cleaner, more efficient fuel: enhancing the performance of your heating system in much the same way as a premium grade petrol or diesel will do for your car.
  • Premium Kerosene also keeps your boiler and heating system in optimum condition by lowering the carbon and sludge build up and reducing the risk of a boiler breakdown.

Gas Oil

  • While less common than Kerosene boilers, many older homes across the South East have heating systems powered by Gas Oil, which is also commonly referred to as Red Diesel or 35-second heating oil.

So whatever type of fuel your heating system uses, Southern Counties can supply just what you need, when you need it. You can either order online or call our Customer Services Team on 0845 600 4006.